Linda L. Miles, CSP, CMC

“Dr Mark Mosier has over 30 years experience in the dental industry”
Linda L. Miles, CSP, CMC
President/Founder of Miles Global

“I was privileged to meet Dr. Mark Mosier in the late 80’s when he attended at least a half dozen of my seminars. He was one of those young dentists that I met during my 36 years of travel as a speaker/consultant, who I knew was cutting edge and a forever student like those who are always in the top 10%. He excelled at everything he studied….from dentistry to fatherhood, aviation and people skills, Mark was a master. In the mid 90’s I was honored to be invited into his practice in Iowa for an in office consultation year long program. He was an outstanding client who took advice from those he felt could assist him on his pathway to success.

One part of my advice to Mark was that he had to find a hygienist (even though they were scarce in his part of the country), and that he could NOT grow a successful hygiene department that delivered the highest quality of preventive care without a hygienist (or two). Mark proved me wrong within no time. He delved into…in a more organized manner, his initial Perio program, hired another assistant to work along side of him doing coronal polishing and reached heights of productivity in hygiene that I truly had never seen. He did that along with his busy and productive restorative side of the practice. His practice doubled in no time and his patient retention was one that is enviable in a practice with two hygienists.

To say Mark is smart, focused, a perfectionist and a master communicator/good businessman is an understatement. He sold his practice after 25 years and is now an advisor, speaker and coach to other dental practices wishing to excel. I am so happy to have crossed paths and to have continued to stay in touch with Mark.

If building a successful practice and setting goals your consultant said is impossible; and if you wish to have a balance of the other important aspects of your life like family and fun, give Mark a call.  

Linda L. Miles, CSP, CMC
Past-President/Founder of Miles Global

Virginia Beach, VA 23456

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