Josh King

“Dr Mark Mosier has over 30 years experience in the dental industry”
Josh King
Director of Business Development | Patient Pursuit

Working in the dental industry, I am privileged to meet many senior executives.  These range from small groups all the way up to the largest ones in the nation. Occasionally, I encounter a professional who stands out and above the rest. Dr. Mosier is such a person.

I have learned that it is rare to find someone with expertise in both the business and clinical side. Dr. Mosier has a unique background that enables him to excel in both areas. His success in our industry speaks for itself.

However, what has impressed me the most is Dr. Mosier's commitment to his family. Although he is a very dedicated businessman, he always puts family first. This says a lot about his character and priorities.

Dr. Mosier is also a man of strong integrity who leads by example. He has the unique ability to explain complex processes in such a way that they are easy to understand and with a demeanor that makes people want to follow his direction.

-Josh King
Director of Business Development at Patient Pursuit.

Josh King
Director of Business Development
Patient Pursuit

(469) 619-3257

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