Ebon K. Turner

“Dr Mark Mosier has over 30 years experience in the dental industry”
Ebon K. Turner
National Sales Director | VELscope

Leadership That Makes A Difference

If you have ever read Leadership Without A Title, you would know after talking to Dr. Mark Mosier for 5 minutes that he inherently embodies its core principles.  In all of the years I have known Mark, I have never known him to aspire to be “The man”, but you would know within minutes of meeting him that this inspirational professional could easily be running a Fortune 500 company.

In my frequent interaction with practice management consultants and mentors, I often see that the same cookie cutter approach it offered, client after client.  Although positive results might be achieved, however, I have found that it is not necessarily the best approach nor provides long lasting results.

What is truly remarkable about Mark is that he understands that there are usually a variety of challenges that have to be identified in order for a complete solution to be obtained.  It starts with understanding not only what the problem is but also the personnel involved to make the necessary changes to execute the plan.  His experience allows him to recognize obstacles but it is his insight combined with his leadership skills that allow him to develop a practical and mental line of attack necessary to facilitate a break in ineffective behavior and most importantly a transformation in thinking.

In every role that Mark has played, from Dentist, DSO Clinical Director, Investment Broker, Consultant, and Father, the accomplishments speak for themselves, but it is the long-lasting impact he has had with almost everyone that he has interacted that is the real testimonial to a leader that truly makes a difference.

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